As bad as it gets…#3156

As bad as it gets...#3156

Patients who seek treatment for varicose veins start their consult with an ultrasound. As the first line of contact for them, I am often asked, Is this the worst you’ve seen? Are my veins that bad? My answer is always, they are as bad as they feel. If you are here seeking treatment, they must hurt you on a daily basis or be affecting your lifestyle. But the other day a patient came in whose legs were as bad as it gets. He had just quit work because he couldn’t stand anymore. His legs are a constant source of pain. Pain, swelling and open wounds are the worst complications from veins that are incompetent. Visually his legs are turning brown, physically it is becoming increasingly difficult to walk or even stand. He was seen here in our clinic last week and will be treated tomorrow. I’ll follow his progress even though he has a long recovery. We will be able to treat his venous insufficiency and hopefully relieve a majority of his pain. The brown skin changes will never fully go away but may improve. His varicose veins never bothered him for years. This is common as varicose veins are not always painful. But when blood in the legs can no longer get back to the heart because of venous insufficiency, it pools in the lower legs causing swelling, skin changes, open wounds and pain. Allowing your varicose veins to go untreated can be a source of later complications. Don’t let them get this bad, seek advice from someone who specializes in varicose veins to see about your treatment options.

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