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As I sat behind the scenes for the video shoot of each doctor, I thought about how reluctant each one was to have a personalized video on our new website. The purpose of the videos are to allow our patients to see a first hand glimpse of who they may choose as their vein doctor. But as I listened, there was a stark contrast to how they spoke about the vein clinic and their personal lives. Everyone of them spent less time talking about themselves than the vein clinic. I think this is a testament to how passionate they are about their work. They all humbly spoke about their schooling and experience. They all proudly shared the assets of our clinic, the importance of outpatient care for this procedure and the great surgical outcomes we have experienced. It reminded me of why I wanted to work here 7 years ago and of why I continue to stay. These are the smartest and kindest people I have ever worked with. The dynamics of our staff are rarely seen elsewhere allowing us to offer the smartest and kindest care to our patients. I can only hope that the small glimpse into each one of their videos allows the patient to get a sense of the incredible people they are about to meet.

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