The Vein and Laser Center Poem

the vein center poem

I went to the vein clinic.

I was in deep pain.

My hope was that this clinic would be able to

Improve my circulation and veins.

The receptionist, Catherine,

Answered the phone.

Her voice was pleasant and

She spoke in calm tones.

Then I met Susy, the ultrasound technician.

She worked her magic with the machine and gave

My veins clear recognition.

Soon in came Dr. Peck and they worked as a team.

They talked of procedures that would make my veins clean.

Next there was Susan, the scheduling nurse.

Her work was so thorough to make me

Ready for next Tuesday’s procedure.

In details she does specialize.

She crosses all the T’s and dots every I.

At the clinic, each and every one did their share.

As I left I felt that they really did care.

I thank you Dr. Peck and your merry band.

As I observed your clinic I thought it was grand.

written by Juanita Baker

Aug 4, 2015



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