Spider Vein Treatment


Winter is the best time for treating spider veins.  Even though it may be difficult to pronounce, Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for most spider veins.  It is an injection of solution into the spider veins.  Most solutions are a dilution of Polidocanol 3% with Sodium Chloride 0.9%.  This solution destroys the inside lining of the vein so it “sticks” or scars together.  We recommend wearing compression hose for up to 3 weeks after injections.  The compression allows the spider vein walls to touch together so that the blood will no longer flow through that vein.  Once the vein is closed it may have a brown appearance.  It takes the body time to absorb the scar tissue left and eventually fade away.  During this time stay away from the sun, hot tubs and anything that causes excessive heat to the legs.  Now that you know about sclerotherapy, here is the proper pronunciation; SKL-AIR-O-THER-APY

To watch a video of veins being injected, go to our website www.coloradoveinandlaser.com


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