Embarrassed to wear shorts?

Morrison Vein's Blog

Are you wearing jeans in the summer to cover the veins on your legs? Why are you suffering through another summer, sweating in pants?

This is not just a cosmetic issue, you could have a medical condition that will worsen with time. Don’t wait until you have discoloration on your legs, an ulcer, or worse, a blood clot.

Would you go to the doctor if you had a tooth ache or an ear ache? Of course you would, so why won’t you go to the doctor if you have leg pain, discomfort, or swelling?

Make an appointment for a consultation to have your veins looked at. It doesn’t hurt, and it is worth it. You will feel so much better once you are armed with knowledge about veins and vein disease, knowing you are not alone.

Why be embarrassed about your legs for the rest of your life? All of…

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